Handheld Tasers – The Non Lethal Way Bondsman Immobilize An Attacker

Handheld Tasers - The Non Lethal Way Bondsman Immobilize An AttackerPersonal protection devices have evolved over the past decade to become more effective, discreet, and safer to use. Some of the most popular personal protection devices bail bondsman use include handheld tasers and taser guns. The latest technologically advanced devices are capable of generating more than 20,000 volts of electric current in order to incapacitate an attacker for more than 20-30 minutes. A handheld taser or taser gun works by being pressed against the attacker’s body. The gun releases an electric charge that is low in amps but high in voltage. The current will effectively disable the attacker while reducing the chances of bodily damage to the individual. The attacker will go through a few minutes of excruciating pain and muscle spasms with his/her blood sugar levels depleting. The victim has enough time to escape the attacker and call for emergency assistance during such time. Here are some of the advantages of using handheld tasers and taser guns.

A taser gun is usually two weapons in one. In fact, a handheld taser or taser gun functions as an immobilization device as well as a device that inflicts pain on the attacker. The taser gun operates in two modes. The first mode is called the “probe mode.” When the gun functions in this mode the two probes – that are connected by insulated wires to the gun – are fired into the attacker’s clothing or skin. The effective deployment of these probes completes the electrical circuit – which allows a high-voltage but low-amperage current to travel to the attacker’s body. This will result in uncontrollable muscle contraction – which causes the instant loss of neuro-muscular control. That way the attacker is prevented from performing any voluntary actions. In fact, he or she becomes temporarily incapacitated under such circumstances making it easy for the fugitive recovery agents to make an arrest. This process leads to considerable pain for the attacker.

The second mode is known as “drive stun mode.” The probes aren’t usually fired during this mode. In fact, the gun is directly pushed onto the person’s skin or clothing in this mode. The gun won’t immobilize the attacker in this mode. It will inflict acute pain for a few minutes under such circumstances. This will help restraint or control the attacker. There are many advantages of using a taser gun or handheld taser.

These personal protection weapons are “less than lethal.” They help law enforcement officers when dealing with aggressive and violent people. A handheld taser is one of the best self-defense weapons on the market today. They come in many shapes and forms – making it easier to conceal the weapon in a purse and handbag. Hence, they are more practical to carry than in the past. The gun doesn’t cause long-term damage to the attacker. Hence, you don’t have to fear using a handheld taser for your own protection. But you should check the state regulations relevant to using a taser gun or handheld taser in your state.

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